Tubie Pockets® Clips! REPLACEMENT CLIPS

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Shipping to United States: $3.95

You will receive 1, 2, or 3 replacement clips based on the number you choose in the drop-down menu. Please remember to NOT use any other type of clip or attachment with your pockets, as we can not verify the quality and effectiveness of other products used with our own. Thank you for being a Tubie Pockets® customer and a repeat customer for our small business. We appreciate you very much!

Why buy a Tubie Pocket®?

-They provide protection from tubes accidentally being snagged or pulled out while being worn.

-They aid in the prevention of skin breakdown due to tape being pulled off repeatedly when the tube is snagged.

-They provide discretion if pinned/clipped on the back of a shirt, hat, headband or head scarf or other clothing.

-They catch small drips if the end of your NG or NJ tube ever leaks.

-The pin/clip may be removed to tuck your Tubie Pocket® into a hat or other garment.

*Thank you so much for checking out our store. Please message us with any questions and enjoy your Tubie Pockets®!

*Please note: safety pins are sharp and clips are small enough to put in the mouth! Do not let children play with or chew on Tubie Pockets®!

*You may use a safety pin to attach this product through the clip loop to an article of clothing as well, though one is not provided. Please DO NOT use any type of attachment other than the provided clip or a safety pin of your own (ie: snaps, plastic clips, velcro, etc...) for this style of Tubie Pocket® (clip loop on back), as these items are easier to remove from clothing and the force needed to remove them often dislodges or even removes an NG/NJ tube entirely.

Tubie Pockets® are a patented product and may not be reproduced in any way.

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