Freezy Pocket™ Cold Storage Bag for Enteral G-Tube Feeding- Set of 2


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Freezy Pockets™ are the perfect solution to keeping your NG or G-tube Enteral feeding bag cold or warm longer without having to stop what you are doing or wake up to refill!

Freezy Pockets™...

-are made of cotton to absorb sweat from cold packs and prevent drips.

-are made with cold or heat pack pockets on either side accessible on the outside so that you don't need to disrupt a feed when inserting them.

-are designed with snaps at the bottom that allow the Freezy Pocket™ to easily slip over your feeding tube bag while a feed is already running. You don't have to thread the long tube through or stop a feed!

-open at the top to allow you to access your bag and refill it more easily while a feed is running.

-offer two levels of cooling. Place your cold packs into the pockets or snap your Freezy Pocket™ closed at the bottom and place an ice pack directly inside.

-can also hold warming packs to keep formula warm for individuals who get upset stomachs with cold formula.

-are invented by a mom and made in the USA.

-are a wonderful solution to keeping your food at a safe temperature for a longer period of time!

-now come with an adjustable strap!

Please specify at the the time of purchase if you would like fabric for a girl or boy. Custom orders are available as well if you have a specific fabric in mind. Freezy Pockets™ measure roughly 7 1/2" by 8 1/2" and fit a 500mL Kangaroo brand bag. Custom sizes for other bag types are available as well.

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*Please note that some types of formula must remain below a certain temperature. Check with your doctor or dietician if you are unsure about leaving your feed out of the refrigerator for an extended amount of time.*

Freezy Pockets™ are patent pending.

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